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Welcome to Every Scar A Badge
Reflections of a Life Over 50

If you’re discontented or unsure of what to do next then you’ve found a home here. I think this description fits a lot of women my age.  I’m Teri Fullmer, I’m over 50 and I know I can have more in my life. I think you can, too. The way I see it, now’s the time to act. The purpose of this blog is to open a dialogue about what we can accomplish and how much fun we can have doing it!

Almost a year ago, it was suggested to me by my mostly-moved-out-with-children-of-their-own children that I do something with my life. For months—maybe more,okay a year—I was the typical couch potato: eating ice cream and potato chips for dinner, binge watching Netflix, and, if I’m honest, feeling sorry for myself. Perhaps that’s why my kids adopted the eye rolling, exasperated tone of encouragement with me…I’m just guessing. Their comments weren’t lost on me, despite what they may have thought. I decided that it was time to get on with it. Now, 10 months later, I’m livin’ the life! Well, kind of. Anyway, it all started with a blog…