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Updated 9/1/2016

Beginners Beware

Preparing for the exciting cross stitch project with my granddaughters Lilah, 6 and Chloe, 5 was an adventure all it’s own. Finding beginner cross stitch kits is harder than you might think. I went to Michael’s craft store and the sales associate, who looked to be all of 12, looked at me like I was crazy when I asked where I might find one. “A kit?”, she asked. “Yes, a kit. You know… for kids?”, and for me whose only intention it is to spend quality time with my granddaughters and who, just so you know, doesn’t need to be given a hard time by a juvenile sales clerk about my lack of cross stitching expertise. I added that last part in my head, just in case you were wondering. I ended up getting them on Amazon.

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Life Lessons

The big day arrived and Amanda, my oldest daughter and the girls’ mother, came with them to help. It was a little stressful getting started.  I missed the part where it said “start in the center”. Oops. You can never underestimate the educational value of a kid seeing their grandmother make a mistake and owning it. Life lessons, you know?

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Once we got going, though, it was fun. They hung in there longer than either Amanda or I thought they would. Turns out it wasn’t really about the cross stitching, anyway. Good thing, too since I’m challenged in that particular hobby. I’m not much of a traditional grandmother. I don’t have any “secret recipes” to hand down. I can teach them how to crack eggs for the brownie in a box mix and how to read ingredients which must be enough because I overheard Lilah telling Chloe that “Gomma makes the best brownies EVER”.


Original post: September 2016

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