World’s Best Blogger

Some months ago I envisioned writing a magnificent, engaging, successful, and better-than-anyone-else’s-blog, blog. I imagined quitting my job and being the envy of all the bloggers in all the land!!


I needed an idea. The ‘how to write a better-than-anyone-else’s-blog’ blogs said so.  You have to have a niche, they said. Well, that posed more of a stumbling block than you might think.  An advice column? What if nobody took my advice.  An inspiring share-fest about my lifelong struggle with depression? That’s just…depressing.

Undeterred, I forged ahead.  I got the domain name, software, widgets, plug-ins, SEOs, SSOs, and everything else the Lords of Blogdom deemed essential and voila!  A website.

Still no niche, though. Who needs a niche, anyway?  I’m not a guru of, well, anything, except having a midlife crisis and I wasn’t doing that very well. I simply wanted to enrich my life in a way that was fun, thoughtful and maybe encouraging to others, as well. I wrote furiously for the first few months and, like a lot of new bloggers, I got frustrated and lost focus.

Get Back on the Horse

It was just a less than niche-y blog. But it kick-started a journey that I’m still on, which is really what it was meant to do in the first place. I’ve re-started this blog in the hopes that my forward motion might inspire other folks who are stuck to take that first step and get on with it.

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