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Updated 9/1/2016

It’s Never Too Late

I have had various interests over the years. Narrowing down the choices at this point in my life seems somewhat easier because, let’s face it, there comes a time when you’ve got to admit that for most of the never-too-late dreams, it’s, ya know… too late.  I’m sure there are some Pollyannas out there who would disagree, and there is something to be said for never giving up, but rock star isn’t happening so…  you get my point.

Keep it Small At First

Some of my unfinished hobbies include learning to play the piano, writing a memoir, photography, and gourmet cooking…well, not so much with the cooking. The problem is that those things take time, and I think I need instant gratification to get me going! So…

When Opportunity Knocks

While at the fair, my granddaughters,

lilahChloe 5, and Lilah 6, became enthralled with the quilting and cross-stitching exhibits.

When Chloe took one of the exhibitors hostage, demanding to know everything she knew about anything EVER, I was infected with her enthusiasm and found myself suggesting that we do a cross-stitching project. ChloeWait…What??!? Okay, I can do this. I don’t have to become an expert cross-stitcher, right? This is it. Inspiration strikes and my granddaughters and I are to embark on a confidence building, cross-stitch adventure.

And When I Say Me…

So, whether it’s cross-stitch or something else, I challenge you to get up off the couch…or wherever you’re laying around feeling sorry for yourself and eating ice cream (or even if you’re not) and join me.

Please share your plan and your progress and I’ll share mine as the week progresses.


Original post: September 2015

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