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On to the next project

I mentioned in my first blog post that there have been interests over the years I haven’t followed through on.  Starting seems to be a hang-up for me.  I have to think on it and chew on it for while.  If that doesn’t stall it, procrastination does. “I’ll start ______ (insert any day, month, year).”  At times, it’s been the learning process. Frailty, thy name is patience. Like Veruca in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, I want to know it NOW!  I don’t want to learn it first.  For some it’s about fear of failure, for others it just seems too big.


I read a story of a man who was tasked with the completion of a magnificent mosaic in a great cathedral.  The number of tiny pieces involved staggers the imagination. When he was asked how he could possibly undertake so much work, he replied quietly,

“Oh, I know about how much I can do comfortably in one day. So each morning I mark out a certain area, and I don’t bother my head thinking outside of that space. Before I know [it] the job will be complete.”

Emmet Fox, “Around the Year With Emmet Fox”

Ready, Set…

My point is this:  Whatever your reason for not starting,  you–and when I say you, I really mean I–have to just start.  The intention of this blog is to help me get started on things I’ve wanted to do and simply didn’t.  A source of accountability, if you will.

One of the interests I’ve dropped along the way is photography.  Here are a few samples:

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My husband and I took a class for beginners when we purchased a new Nikon D40 and these are a product of that class. I had a lot of fun, but I didn’t take it any further than that first class.   I am going to start with researching the online resources for information and education.


In addition to my newfound accountability, it is my intention and hope to motivate others to start or continue something they’ve always wanted to do (or regretted not doing).

If you have anything to share, I’d love to hear about it and share it with others who might be hesitating to do something great!

Here’s to reaching your goals!

Original post: September 2015

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